Exhibitor Lineup

Thing 12 Games is a team of passionate game developers with decades of combined experience in the video game industry.
With some quick-play dice games, like Dice of Crowns and Dice of Pirates, and bluffing card games, like Click Click Boom! and The Seals of Cthulhu, there's a bit for everyone to enjoy!

Thing 12 Games

The Arizona Game Fair is a tabletop gaming convention held at the first of the year. We are now planning our third year. With over 24,000 square feet of tabletop gaming, the Fair also provides vendors, scheduled gaming, game industry guests, tournaments.

Arizona Game Fair
Talarius Gaming

The company behind the new role-playing game, Legends of Kralis, is hosting a series of demonstrations for its Beta Finalization. The main goal of these demonstrations is to show how players can become legends with their own story and destiny in the World of Kralis and beyond. Players will get an opportunity to explore the world map and make choices that could change the course of history in this open-world RPG set within a science-fantasy aetherpunk setting. Talarius Gaming has invited everyone who's interested in becoming a legend at this event!

Talarius Gaming

Eagle-Gryphon Games publishes such titles as Lisboa, Defenders of the Realm, Baseball Highlights: 2045, and more!

Eagle-Gryphon Games

Celebrating their 5th year at MaricopaCon, LeatherDiceBags specializes in high quality customized hand-made dice bags, dice, and other gaming accessories. Already know what you want? Advance custom orders can be picked up on the first day of con, skip the shipping! Just send them an email to get started.

Geek Asylum

Handmade jewelry and accessories for the everyday geek. D&D dice jewelry, 8-bit perler artwork, pop culture earrings, comic book buttons and even more! A little something for everyone!

Geek Asylum 

Looking for Steampunk Jewelry? Something unique? Something not seen in the average, mundane world? Come to Cat's Eye Curiosities.

Cat's Eye Curiosities

Vendor Sign-ups

We apologize, but we sell our Vendor spots in the Kickstarter campaign.