Vendor/Exhibitor Information

Our space is very limited at MaricopaCon, and since we have a focus on the games being played, we have a limited number of vendor tables we can offer. This allows attendees a curated number of vendors to engage with, rather than an endless sea of the same things.

We encourage prospective vendors and exhibitors to be primarily tabletop gaming oriented. Games, RPGs, gaming supplies (dice, dice trays, miniatures, etc...), and other related merch and services are always welcome!

Tables will only be made available during our annual crowdfunding campaign.

Vendors can only use the table that is provided to them (min 6'x2' table) and cannot bring additional tables to "pad out" their area, as it could present a hazard if there were an emergency. Banners and other vertical methods of displaying product behind or in front of the vendor table are okay, so long as they do not present any kind of tripping hazard, or could prevent anyone from exiting the area quickly, should the need arise.

All vendors are required to provide their business information no later than May 31st. If we do not receive this information and cannot contact you within a reasonable amount of time, your table will be forfeit without refund, and offered to one of the vendors on our waitlist.

If the pledge level for the Merchants tier is full, you can be added to our waitlist by sending an email to with your information (business name, business type, description of goods and/or services offered, website, who to contact and their email address). Please take into account that we may not know if there is a table available until the day of the convention.