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About Us

MaricopaCon 2017

Arizona's first Kickstarted Gaming Convention.  This will be our fifth year at a public venue.  We are returning to the same venue as last year, with a similar setup.  The Main room will have the vendors and 90% of the scheduled events.  Hacienda room will have RPGs.  Cactus room will have Open Gaming.


Badges are sold through the Kickstarter that runs every December thru February. 


Hilton Garden Inn Phoenix Airport

3422 E. Elwood St. 

Phoenix, AZ 85040

Hotel Room Code:  MCON17


The room is around $80 after tax.

What the Convention is About

Bringing the valley all the fun board games, card games, and RPGs you know and love.  Dice are rolled, and friendships are made.  We have around 250 attendees and the best GMs.


Saturday 9am-Midnight

Sunday 9am-7pm

(Game Events start at 10am each day)

Dealers and GMs may arrive at 8am.

What's New

We are in the process of convention planning for August.  All of the kickstarter rewards are in except the dice.  GM volunteers have been gathered.  Event scheduling commences soon.

Pictures from MaricopaCon 2015

Pictures from MaricopaCon 2016


Kiba Walker

 Kiba is a voice actor and musician who is best known for his work on “Earthlock: Festival of Magic” (Amon, Gnart), “Seiyuu Danshi” (Main Character [Haato]), “Dragon Skies VR” (Audio Cubes), “Minecraft Diaries” (Liochant, Roco), “Victus Vincimus: Veteran’s Revenge” (Eike Crimson), “Rite of Passing” (Oz), “Return of the Guitar Lord” (ScurvyBreath), “PawTail” (Carolina Dingo), “Echogeddon” (Dr. Jack Brinton), and much more.  His musical accolades span across different categories, including nominations for Best Male Vocalist (Forte Awards), Best Reno Musician (#8 out of 25), SacAnime Summer & Winter Karaoke (Winner 1st/2nd various times); his album “XO” debuted in May of 2016, bringing rock and roll and EDM together in one eclectic record.His charisma and talent also won him the title of Mr. LGBT America Northern Nevada division.  Kiba loves meeting new people, talking with fans, and geeking out over anime! He is very excited to attend MaricopaCon!    https://www.kibawalkervoices.com/ 

Courtney Fishell

 Courtney is a costume designer, makeup artist, gamer, horror enthusiast, and cosplayer. She’s a graduate of a performing arts school as well as the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. In 2010 she began a costuming business, which progressed to be a full-time job. Today she makes and sells costumes to people around the world has made over 1,000 costumes for cosplayers, fan films, haunted houses, and theatre. Courtney has also been a featured designer in 3 fashion shows and plans to release another fashion line this coming fall. Along with her costuming, Courtney is a self-taught makeup artist and body painter and former makeup department manager at Fear Farm. In her down-time she makes videos and tutorials for her Youtube channel and website, but her heart is wherever there is creativity and expression, so there are always new projects on the way!   http://courtneyleighcreations.com/ 


Imperial Outpost

Gamelyn Games

Leather Dice Bags

Geek Asylum

QCBfun Store

Gabe Rael

Sean Epperson

Alexander Pepper

Event Highlights

RPG Events

SAT: An Adamantine Opportunity that you have to stop! (1st Edition AD&D)

SAT:  Bard's Gate: Riot Act (3pm)

SAT:  Against Tsathogga (8pm)

SAT: Timewatch – The Sun Never Sets  (10am)

SAT: Ashen Stars – Research Station Tau Ceti 25  (2pm)

SAT: Delta Green – Music From A Darkened Room  (7pm)

SAT: Super Dupers (HERO system)  (2pm)

SAT: GURPS: Discworld  (11am)

SAT: GURPS Dungeon Fantasy: Troll Hunters Wanted!  (Noon)

SAT:  Iconica Travels  (10am)

SAT:  Death in Abundance (2pm)

SUN:  Kobolds Ate My Baby (10am)

SUN: Grimmsgate (10am)

SUN: A Golden Opportunity that you have to stop!  (5th edition D&D)

SUN: Delta Green - Cold Dead Hand  (10am)

More events Coming Soon!

Board Game Events

SAT and SUN: Abyss  (Noon)

SAT and SUN: Revolution (10am, Noon, 5pm)

SAT and SUN: Castellan  (10am and 1pm)

SAT: Mysterium  (10:30am)

SAT: DarkRock Ventures  (Noon and 3pm)

SAT:  Battletech Alpha Strike  (2pm)

SAT:  OGRE 6E  (6pm)

SAT:  Axis and Allies Miniatures  (10am)

SAT:  Star Wars Miniatures  (6pm)

SAT:  Marvel HeroClix  (10am)

SAT:  Risk  (6pm)

SAT:  Drakon  (10am)

SAT:  Tokaido  (1pm)

SAT:  Overworld (3pm and 4:30pm)

SAT:  Fire of Eidolon  (1:30pm)

SAT:  Ticket to Ride  (Noon)

SAT:  Rumis  (2pm)

SAT:  Rex: Final Days of an Empire (2pm)

SUN: PitchCar Tournament  (10am)

SUN:  Dragoon  (1pm)

SUN:  Merchants & Marauders (1pm)

SAT and SUN:  Dungeon! (2pm)

More events Coming Soon!

Card Game Events

SAT and SUN:  Shadowfist Tourneys

SAT and SUN:  Shadowfist Demos

SAT and SUN:  Red Dragon Inn

SAT and SUN: Munchkin Marvel

SAT and SUN:  Cave Evil  (10am and 3pm)

SAT and SUN:  Battle Gnomes  (11am and Noon)

SAT: Munchkin X-Men  (2pm)

SAT: Munchkin Steampunk  (5pm)

SAT: Munchkin Cthulhu  (8pm)

SAT:  House Monsters  (2pm)

SAT:  Nocturnes  (6pm)

SAT:  Illuminati  (6pm)

SAT:  The Battle for Vyk' Tornaahl (Noon)

SAT and SUN:  Smash Up  (Noon and 4pm)

SAT:  Joking Hazard  (6pm)

SUN:  Boss Monster  (10am)

SUN: Munchkin Apocalypse  (1pm)

SUN:  Book Collectors  (2pm)

More events Coming Soon!

Cosplay Contest

MaricopaCon 2017 Cosplay Contest (Sunday at 1pm)

MaricopaCon strives to present a Cosplay Contest that can be fully enjoyed by both contestants and audience members.

As such, the number one rule, whether you are watching or participating, is to have fun and encourage others.

The contest is not just a fashion show but about creativity and celebrating characters, their humor/drama, and the art of costuming.

--All participants must have a MaricopaCon 2017 badge.

--All participants must read and agree to follow all rules of the Cosplay Contest.

--Costumes that won cash prizes at any previous MaricopaCon cosplay competition are ineligible.

--All costumes from all genres and media are accepted (no nudity)

--Reference pictures will be required. This includes screen captures, photos, posters, comics, or any other official medium that reveals  the character's full costume. The pictures should reveal different views of the character (i.e. front, back, sides). Do not assume judges know your costume or character! 

--All entrants will participate in the performance portion (either in a skit or a walk-on).

--Judging panel is made up of popular/respected cosplayers and costume makers.

--Awards include Best of Show and Fan Favorite.


The Costume construction scoring is based on the Adaptation and Representation of your costume to the character design as well as resemblance to character shown in documentation. Costume construction judging also takes into account use of materials, construction methods and durability, and use of appropriate/innovative methods and applications. Pre-fabricated, store-bought or rented costumes can compete in the cosplay contest but automatically receive a score of 0 for Costume Construction.  To score in Costume Construction the costume must be made by the wearer or a fellow fan. Store-bought elements can be incorporated into costumes, but the full costume cannot have been purchased or rented.


Walk-on –-- Quick presentation consisting of a few poses intended to show off a costume. Up to 30 seconds.


Skit---characters talking to each other or the audience and acting out a scene. Duration up to 90 seconds.

Scoring is based on costume, portrayal, and performance.  A group skit can last up to 180 seconds.


Win the crowd and win this award. Each MaricopaCon attendee that is part of the audience for the Cosplay contest will have the opportunity to cast a vote for their favorite entry in the cosplay contest.  If there is a tie, the Con Chair will break the tie.


Costume Construction score plus your Presentation score. 

Highest total is Best in Show and is the 2017 MaricopaCon Cosplay Contest winner (and receives an $75 cash prize).

Cosplay Contest Rules

-MaricopaCon is a family friendly event. Content should not go beyond PG-13. Offensive language of any kind is not allowed—no racial or sexual epithets; no profanity, etc. (this includes messages on signs or clothes).

-Be clever, not crass! If you think your costume or presentation might be too risqué or offensive, it probably is.

-No using stage time to make political, religious, insulting, or other demonstrations not related to your entry.

-No excessive violence.

-No sexual activity or contact (real or implied)

-No nudity—No costume is no costume

-If you need to throw something during your presentation clear it with Cosplay Contest director.

-No fire, smoke, flashpots, explosive devices,  messy substances, lasers, pressurized gases or liquids.

-All prop weapons must be peace bonded and approved.

-All weapons must be non-working and peace bonded. No functioning projectile weapons – including water pistols, silly-string guns, and ping-pong pistols. Bladed weapons must be cased or sheathed at all times

-You may surprise the audience, but NEVER SURPRISE THE JUDGES/CHAIR.

-By registering for the Cosplay contest, all participants agree to allow MaricopaCon to use their images for promotional purposes, both photographs and video.

About MaricopaCon

MaricopaCon is Arizona's first kickstarted gaming convention.  It started at Jason's house and was held there the first two years.  The third year brought about the Kickstarter project and a public venue.  This is the fifth year at a public venue and it is all made possible by the kickstarter supporters and GMs.  We specialize in small and cozy feel with a chill atmosphere.  MaricopaCon brings together many of the local game designers who have had many successful kickstarted projects of their own!

About Clash of Steel

Clash of Steel is the parent company that runs MaricopaCon.  They specialize in hand-cast pewter miniatures, 3D printed objects, perler bead art, and acrylic paintings.  Jason's art has been shown in the Firehouse Gallery and Frontal Lobe Gallery.

Contact Us

Drop us a line!

Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.  Email clashofsteel@yahoo.com for more info.  Visit us on Facebook too!